AudioWarping of imported tracks with tempo changes?

I’m working on a 12min+ song that I actually started in Logic. All audio was recorded in logic, and exported as broadcast waves with timestamps, so when I imported it into Cubase, I imported the tempo map, drug the audio in, and selected “move to origin” and all my audio files moved to their correct places - AWESOME!!

However this song, being a 12min epic, has MANY tempo change. For example it starts at 165bpm, rits down to 145 around bar 300, later drops to 90bpm, then back to 165, etc. So when I go into my Audio Pool and look at the tempos for these audio files, it lists a bunch of different tempos, none of which actually correspond to the tempos in my project. i.e. it says the bass is at 120.18bpm, Vocals at 121.02, etc. Nothing that relates to the tempos in my song at all.

I’d like to add a new midi synth part, and I must admit the 165bpm tempo is a bit fast with me doing some practicing of the part, so I wanted to knock it down to 155 just for recording. Now here is the issue - when I look at my audio tracks in the Pool, I see that they are NOT checked to musical mode, and when I check them they are instantly out of sync with my song. I guess that was expected as the tempo Cubase thinks these files are in is completely wrong. But I do not know how to change them due to there being tempo changes in my song.

So I’m very confused as to what to do now. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. For now I’m just going to record to click, but I need to know how Cubase deals with audio tracks and tempo changes, as 90% of my music seems to change tempos at least once during the song. Is this only a problem because I started in Logic? Is there anyway to fix this issue?


It’s difficult to understand what you’re trying to do without seeing it, but have you tried putting the audio tracks in Musical mode as well as the files? Maybe you need to bounce the audio files before trying this so they are original to Cubase (not render in place). Or you can split the audio files at or shortly before where you’re trying to record so the entire audio file isn’t changing with your slower tempo but rather only the chopped sections. Not sure if I’ve helped or made sense.


Did you try Audio/Set definition from tempo?

Even if the tempo is not correct, the tracks should stay in sync with each other when you change the tempo.