Audition Instrument On Selected Staff Via Keyboard

The results of my search of this forum for comments on this subject didn’t return anything that, so far as I could tell, directly addressed my question.

I will be using Dorico primarily for composition and playback.

I would find it a very useful capability if, while in Write mode, I could select a location on a staff and via keyboard audition the instrument currently active on that staff without entering any notes. I could play a line to see how a prospective line for the sound works. (This capability exists in my previous notation software.)

In Cubase I can audition a track on my keyboard, So I can try out an idea by playing along with what I have composed so far. This would be a quite helpful feature.

I don’t have a MIDI keyboard to hand to try this out right this minute, but I believe if you play notes on your MIDI keyboard after having selected something on a given staff, the notes will be echoed back to you using that sound, and you won’t modify the music (the only way to actually modify the music would be to enter note input mode, i.e. to show the caret).

Thanks, Daniel.

What you suggest is what I’m looking for. I tested it just now, but when I select a note (no caret) the note auditions, but when I play my keyboard I get no sound. If this would work, it would satisfy my request.

Select a note, twice enter, then you hear the concerning staff without entering notes.

While this may seem like a click too many, it can actually be a nice feature… Personally I sometimes prefer to hear a piano sound, regardless of instrumentation, while scoring and this makes it possible :slight_smile: