Audition/monitor real time audio export?


I’m just getting a ‘b’ system going on Mac (mac mini / UAD apollo) - I’ve been using Nuendo on PC since version 1.

I’m missing Tape it from Silverspike strapped across my output bus which I’ve used for realtime audio mix downs when running mixes. I like to hear what’s going down. There doesn’t seem to be an equivalent in Mac world for Tape it(?) - had a good look around.

Looking for alternatives I tried the realtime audio export option (N5.5.5) which comes up with an audition option but the slider / fader appears to be missing(?) Anybody know any way to monitor audio output when using realtime export? Any other solutions used?

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You are using the “Studio”-option (a.k.a. Control Room) in your VST Connections, aren’t you?

Ah. No. I’m using the UA Apollo mixer - control room switched off.

I highly recommend using control room.

With control room switched on I can now monitor daw output in realtime audio mix down - great - but monitor seems to be doubled up with apollo monitor output. Not sure how I should have this set up…

When using Control Room, the outputs (VST connections) should be set to “not connected”.
Otherwise you’ll send the same signal twice to your outputs.


Great - many thanks - all good now:)

Fredo is right, of course - but I think one should explain why this has to be done:

In the “old” days of mixing consoles, we had a master out and an independent monitor out. The master out was connected to the master recorder (1/2 inch tape, anyone? :wink: …), the monitor out to the speakers (and nothing else).

This setup would be possible perfectly with Nuendo, too - but as most of us are using the main out for monitoring reasons only (especially when mixing ITB), this seemingly “wrong” double routing occurs.

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