Audition/preview wavs

Hi, new to cubase 6, need a little help gettin things moving.

Cubase seems to work fine ie sound and functions. But I can’t get any sound from the preview samples menu found under… File, import, sound file. It’s just a wav I’m trying to audition. Vol is up. Loop is on. It appears to play but no sound!!! I’ve tried lots of different samples but still no joy.

Anyone have any idea? Perhaps a setting in a menu somewhere I have missed. :blush:



If control room is enabled the audition bus is routed through it & this may not be assigned to your speaker outs.

Unless you need it (control room) disable it in vst connections/studio tab. The price you pay for not using control room is that you can’t audition a realtime export as it runs.

Note that if you do need to use control room & correct your routing to hear the preview, make sure you aren’t doubling the signal going to the same set of outs & your monitors.

Mr. Grim

you are a legend.

works just as you said it does.