Audition sounds don't play in track

Hi all.

Just got Cubase AI, but am finding it very odd that I can hear (ie audition) kick drums etc from the GA SE library, but when I put them into a track, there is no sound. This is not the case with all samples, so I know the software is working as it should, but the choice is very limited. Why would Cubase let me audition samples I can’t then use? Is there a setting I am missing or do I need to download these samples more fully?

Please help - I used to use Cubasis about 20 years ago and am just getting back into it but seem to be stuck at a very early stage!


Hi and welcome,

Could you try to increase your Audio Device Buffer Size, please?

Thanks, Martin.I looked back at the Steinberg Download Assistant and have installed some bits from here, including Songwriter Essentials from Groove Agent Drum Kits and Styles and I no longer have this problem. I still find it odd that I was able to audition the samples but not use them in a track. Many thanks for your help - I’ll look at the Buffer Size you mention if I have similar issues in future.