Auditioning MIDI

When auditioning a MIDI drumloop through Mediabay with a synth(not drums) selected, it sounds amazing. When playing directly via the arrange view it sounds horrible and misses notes.

Hopefully I’m clear. Please help!


In the project, do you use Groove Agent SE, same as it is used in the MediaBay preview?


I have a plug-in i.e. Bass in a track. In the mediabay I select that same plug-in to be able to hear the MIDI play. The midi I audition is a drum sequence. Auditioning in the media bay the bass sequence does sound good, but when dragging that midi file on the track with that Bass plugin it sounds totally different.

In short: no.


I’m sorry, I don’t know that you could select a plug-in in MediaBay.

Could you make a step-by-step video and share it, please?

The way the audition sounds in Media Bay is what I’m after…


Do you use any MIDI Insert in the Track? The MIDI Tracks are not applied to the MediaBay Preview.

I use no MIDI inserts and MIDI tracks are not used.

I think it’s bug. A welcome one in some cases. This time I used a drum pattern on a synth patch, but when using i.e. a bass pattern on a bass patch it sounds gated in the Media Bay, but as it should on the Instrument track.


Could you share the only one MIDI file, please?

It happens with all drum midi files use on a synth patch.

Problem fixed with the new update…

Spoke too soon…