Augmentation dot consolidation problem

Here’s one from the Facebook group (Redirecting...) that I don’t think I’ve seen before.

As you can see, if the upstem dotted crotchet/quarter is on an F then five augmentation dots are shown: one for the upstem F and four for the four downstem pitches.

If I Alt-Down the F to an E, only three augmentation dots show, which makes it look as though the upstem voice is missing a quaver/eighth.

If I then undot the upstem E, four augmentation dots show (which is a legitimate consolidation for all five pitches being dotted, I guess), but then it looks like the upstem voice is a quaver/eighth too long.

This can be worked around. One way is to keep the E undotted and remove the extraneous rest (and I guess lengthen the played duration if playback matters). Another way is to set the upstem voice to use Voice Column Index 1, then use Note Spacing mode to shunt the note back over to the left.

The settings at Engraving Options > Notes > Rhythm Dots don’t seem to make any difference.

Project attached for speed, but easy to replicate.augmentation dot issue.dorico (462.0 KB)

Thanks for spotting this. I’ve made a note of it and we will investigate in due course.

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