Auition in Media Bay

Hi all, I can’t get the loops to sound when I audition them in media bay. If i drag them to a track they play fine. I’ve scoured preferences for a missed setting but to no avail.

thanks in advance


C7. Mac Pro Quad core. OSX 10.8.2. Motu 2408Mk3(2)

do you have control room enabled?

No, I just tried enabling it but it made no difference

Steve it will probably be down to your internal routing.

Enable Control Room & assign to it the stereo outs that you are using as your MAIN outputs. ensure you have then “disconnected” the output busses in the Main output tab. :smiley:

That’s it! Many thanks


Still the mediabay preview does no longer deliver the correct level (it’s correct in C6.5),.This makes mediabay in C7 unusable for A/B -ing and checking your levels/mixes compared to others. It’s 0.5-1 dB louder than before in my setup. (After the preview volume fader has been reset to 0dB by CTRL-clicking.)