Aura 3 - Cubasis 0 !

I just downloaded Aura’s third update since Cubasis was released!
Shame on you Steinberg!

Wasn’t Auria first release in July 2012 (Six months before Cubasis)?

Did Auria get MIDI with one of those updates?

Hi Wally,

The release candidate of Cubasis 1.1 is almost done, the app should be available within the next 2 weeks. :slight_smile:

To be fair, Auria needs regular updates because its riddled with so many damn bugs. Don’t get me wrong, its a great app with tones of cool features and the devs behind the app are great guys doing their best.

Give Cubasis a bit more time to mature. I’m sure the guys at Steinberg are listening to the users and they will implement lots of more cool features as time goes on. Once they get Audiobus in there it’s only going to go from strength to strength. And remember, its made by the same people who make the best DAW in the world.

Patience is a virtue.

Lets see what 1.1 would bring, it better be good. I understand Apple Logic coming to iPad and also a update Garageband so you better get that update out before competition

Actually Auria has worked very well for me so far and all the updates are to get it running smoothly which is what the latest update has accomplished with audiobus support and new plugins with every release. I own Cubasis but it’s not even in the same world as Auria. For that to happen Steinberg would have to release Cubase 5 for the iPad.
So go on Steinberg make my $50 app worthy of being on my iPad.

No problems with Auria also, did some nice mixes with it.
I really wanted Cubasis so bought it on the day it came out. I was so disappointed with it that i wanted a refund.
50 bucks for an app so basic, not even at Garageband level or my really old Atari versions.
Cubasis is a kindergarten app compared to Auria. Steinberg will have to completely reinvent themselves to even get close.
Updates are taking far too long also. At this rate it will take them years to catch up.
Maybe Steinberg will suprise us, i hope they do, but i’m not holding my breath.

Which part of this did you not understand! :mrgreen:

My concern is that the Cubasis developers are taking months between updates… Even for the critical bugs!
Not to mention 24 bit audio and full bandwidth input via the iPad’s headset (which will NOT be included in mid February’s update!)

The grass is always greener…on the other side?

I’m a Steinberg-User since the Atari-days and I enjoy using their software - but:
What I will never understand is Steinbergs way of communication with the users/customers.
I don’t want to compare Cubasis with Auria (because they’re two different kind of beasts atm.), but what I really, really like is the way Rim (the mastermind of Auria) communicates on their forum. He answers (mostly?) all questions on the forum on a daily basis. And - one thing what we will probably never see from Steinberg - is a list of features and fixes for the upcoming releases. THAT is a great way of communication.

@Steinberg: Maybe you want to have a look at this to get some ideas :slight_smile:


I couldn’t agree more Manfredloe!
My first Steinberg SW was pre Cubase Steinberg Pro 24 and Steinberg’s Akai S100 sampler editing suite…
At a total cost of £500 even then!

Hi Manfred,

We also have a list of known issues: :slight_smile:

Hi Carlos,
thanx for your replay - I wasn´t aware of this list.
Now it´s only one step further to list all the new features and bug fixes that will make it into the upcoming release…

altough auria is really powerful on mixing, it did not support midi till now.
cubasis midi edit is not bad till now.

Sorry, after trying my best and failing to create something meaningful with Cubasis, I’m of the opinion it was not intended for serious musicians. Too many bad design choices and missing features. This, from a company that knows what’s required to produce a decent track. AFA the “midi advantage Cubasis has over Auria” is concerned, it might be true if the midi implementation were better than bare bones. It’s not.

The VIs and effects are laughable in audio quality and functionality, and as I stated in another post, the fact that the effects are pre-fader only means they are utterly useless when mixing your track. That and many other inexplicable design choices tell me Cubasis was meant as a toy for people who don’t know any better, but want a “name DAW”. Harsh I know, but there it is.

I’m a little more optimistic about it. Remember BeatMaker 1.0?
That was a toy. You couldn’t get something finished with it.
Compared to BeatMaker 2.4.2 it feels like lightyears of improvements.
So Cubasis 1.0 came up as a DAW that offers MIDI and Audio from the very
beginning, which are the two most important elements a DAW has to offer.
Everything else, like new FX or sounds, can be added later on.
The basis is here. Let’s see how they build upon it.

Plus in Germany we say ‘Gut Ding will Weile haben’.
I don’t know how to translate this correctly.
But I’d rather wait for a working update than getting
one that has to be fixed over and over again.

That is really true about Rim and whats more he is the CEO of WavemachineLabs !