auro panner ?


i’m doing a soundtrack for a show with 7 speakers on ground and 1 on top in a building.
so it’s 7.0 + 1 top front.
i was planning to use the auro 13.0 so i could pan sounds from ground center to top center in a single setup even if i don’t use the top L/R/Ls/Rs/sR/sL.

but i’m not sure that’s how it works. the surroundpanner V5 that i send to this output only goes to the speakers on ground. i don’t see a knob to go top<>ground. am i missing something ?


Not sure if the planner supports that configuration.


Surroundpanner V5 is not suitable for an Auro mix. Nuendo provides the bus structure (13.0) but you
need a dedicated panner. Have a look here Spatial Audio Designer (SAD) plug-in


I am so glad that the channel configuration goes up to 14 now. SAD was not able to output the amount of channels necessary because of Nuendo bus width. Is SAD the panner to use or will Steinberg be releasing a solution?