Australia Support for Nuendo - ARA Synthesizer V Studio Pro Issue

I cannot believe I can’t send a support request to Steinberg, so I am posting here. The support system directs me to an Australian Distributor , go figure.

Supposedly Synthesizer V Studio Pro works in ARA mode in Cubase 13 but not Nuendo 13. ARA mode meaning the Instrument plugin syncs tracks to the ARA.

Steinberg, is this something you are aware of and looking into. If not is it possible for me to swap my Nuendo 13 to Cubase 13.

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Hi Alex - To my understanding this is a Dreamtonics request. When they announced ARA2 support for the SynthV 1.11.0 Final Update release in April (after 3 beta releases), Dreamtonics provided what they called “Deep ARA2” support only for Cubase, Reaper, Studio One and Cakewalk. Other DAWs have access to the limited ARA Bridge, which provides playback and tempo sync to SynthV running on an instrument track. I have Nuendo and Reaper and can confirm the difference. I agree it would be nice to have SynthV with full ARA 2 support in Nuendo, but I don’t know when Dreamtonics will make it happen.


Cubase and Nuendo are handling all plug-ins the same way. So the question is, what is different in your Cubase/Nuendo installation, settings…

Are you on Mac or Windows? Do you run both DAWs at the very same system?

Dreamtonics say it’s a Steinberg issue that Nuendo is handling ARA differently…Currently, Nuendo does not support Full ARA support and can only be used in Bridge mode.

It is odd as I thought Cubase and Nuendo would handle plugins and ARA the same. I done have Cubase installed , only Nuendo, on Sonoma OSX M2 system. Latest Nuendo installed running native.

Could anyone confirm deep ARA for Synthesizer V Studio Pro is working in Cubase, natively? Meaning audio track is engaged with the extension and a separate instrument track engaged with the instrument plugin returns and syncs the audio of that track. The advantage is they have an audio to vocal convertor and it saves extracting the audio out to standalone.


They don’t. They handle the plug-ins exactly the same way.

Have you tried to start Nuendo 13 in the Rosetta mode? Does the given ARA plug-in support Apple M processors?

I have run in rosetta , same issue. no deep ARA.

Is anyone using Synthesizer V studio Pro on Cubase / Nuendo , latest OSX native if the deep ARA is working?

Dreamtonics says its Steinbergs issue and that it works in Cubase. I don’t have cubase so cannot test