Authentic Guitar 2


Has anyone used Authentic Guitar 2?

I have purchased Authentic Guitar 2.41 and installed it but can’t get it to work. The software shows up as a VST Instrument but I can only see patches 31 – 69 and nothing seems to make a coherent sound. I have a feeling that there is a discrepancy between the installation instructions and the files that you are recommended to download once the purchase is complete.

I have tried to contact the author, Erik Otte, but have had no response.

Any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated.


Hi Woolie,

Here Erik. As far as I know, I didn’t receive any mail. I always try to reply within 24 hours.

Concerning your issue with AG2: you have loaded the Advanced Bank instead of the first one “0 Basis Patches”. Just use the CC1 controller to load the patch you need.

If you have more issues with AG2, please contact me at


I use that VST.

You have to load three separate instances of the VST in order to have simultaneous access to all the patches.

One each of these in the image: plus another if you want to use the sounds of the hands.

This was a painstaking project for the author, these limitations are due to the product that was used in creating it. The samples themselves are great, imo, and show that the author understands guitar, and VST programming. For the price it’s quite good. But with a steep learning curve.

Eirk has been responsive to help and issue requests in my experience, and provides immediate fixes when they are needed.

Erik at musesamples announced a new version of this instrument