authentification code

Hi everybody,
I’ve moved to a new computer and need a new authentification code.

From where do I get one?


Thanks, Florian!

Meanwhile I know that I don’t need new auth code, because I’ve got the USB dongle. But on the new computer DORICO display that I’m using the test version and offers me to buy DORICO…

Does D not recognize my dongle or what else is wrong?


Do you have the full license on the USB dongle or just the trial license?
Please run the eLicenser Control Center (aka eLC), it will list all the detected dongles and licenses.

Dear Ulf,

yes, I’ve got the full license - on my old computer DORICO works fine.

But now I’ve got a new working place- I established a small studio in another room and therefore bought a new Notebook (Lenovo - WIN 10)



And the eLC dispays the dongle correctly!"

What exactly does Dorico show when you start it up? If it doesn’t find a license on the USB-eLicenser it should prompt you to enter an activation code, or to quit.

It says. Thanks for testing Dorico and there are 2 boxes “Buy Dorico” and “Enter authentification code”.

All is translated from German to English, 'cause I use the German version.

And “trial license” is also displayed at the top of that window

Hi everybody,

anything new that can help me?

Greets Peter

what happens, if you enter your authentification code into the appropriate window?

Dorico says: This authentification is already used

ok, then try running eLicenser Control Center, selecting the Dorico license and then under Action choose Repair.
Does this help?

I’ve just talked to our eLicenser guys and they also can not really explain what is going on in your case.

It could be that the USB eLicenser (aka dongle) is not correctly recognized.

Or that you have both, a trial license and a full license around, in which case it is not determined which license Dorico will pick for authorization.

Please try the following on your new computer: Disconnect the USB eLicenser and then start Dorico. What is happening?

A window pops up with the headline “No valid license found”
Below: No license was found. Click on “enter activation code” to open the eLCC and enter the activation code.

(Translated from the German Dorico version)


I didn’t answer your post completely: No, I have just the full version around - installed from DVD…

Could you please send me via private mail the serial number of your USB eLicenser?
You find it in the eLicenser Control Center. Right to the icon of the USB eLicenser is a number divided by a hyphen (Bindestrich), that is the serial number.
With that our guys here can have a look what exactly is registered to it.

Anything new?
Greets peter


thanks for the screenshots, now it is all clear:

You have 2 USB eLicensers, but none of them has the Dorico license on it.
One of them has your Cubase license, the other only holds the All Application Trial license.

With the All Application Trial license you can test for 30 hours (or I don’t know how long) any of the Steinberg products.
So on your new computer, Dorico starts, because on the USB eLicenser is that All Application Trial,
and that’s the reason why you get the notification, that Dorico is in “trial mode”.

You do have a full Dorico license, but you have not transferred that license to the USB eLicenser, yet,
it is still on the Soft eLicenser of your old computer.

So what you have to do is:
On your old computer, insert the USB eLicenser that you want to hold the Dorico license,
then start the eLC. Select the Dorico license and drag it onto the icon of the USB eLicenser.
A warning message occurs which tells you that the process is irreversible and that you need
an internet connection. To confirm, click on the 'Transfer License" button.

And remember, once a license is on a USB eLicenser, you can’t move it back onto a Soft eLicenser.