Authorization Codes

I’m trying to help a student verify his Dorico SE account. He was given a 25 character activation code (which seems right), but it does not seem to qualify. See the attached:

(Let me know if you can’t see this!)
It looks like the activation prompt is asking for more characters. What is wrong with this? My guess is that he’s entering it in the wrong spot? Looks like he was following directions.

Any help would be appreciated!
Anthony Cornicello

Dorico 4 doesn’t use the eLicenser like older versions of Dorico did, but instead uses Steinberg Licensing. Probably that code is meant to be entered into the top left corner of the “Steinberg Download Assistant” program instead of into the eLicenser Control Center.

Yes, exactly. These days you receive a Download Access Code for Dorico SE rather than an activation code. Your DAC needs to be entered in Steinberg Download Assistant, or on our web site here.

Thanks! I’ve got to update my instructions to the students…