authorization failed

Not to be beaten, I am yet again trying to get a computer to behave remotely like I expect it to. Half way through installing my Cubase plug ins software, I get the message above. I have Cubase 5 and it does everything I need which is why I have no use for an upgrade. I paid the equivalent of $800 for my Cubase software when I could have got a cracked copy for $20 from a computer fair. I was in trying to install Waldorf PPG, attack and D-pole, all of which came as extras with the original Cubase SX. I get the message “Authorization failed, bye” half way through. This follows a rather childish threat of something nasty being in store for copyright infringers. I paid good money for this software and I think the message displayed is quite pathetic. It is also disappointing that Cubase 5 is no longer supported by Steinberg. Has anyone any advice or do I now have 3 more drinks coasters. (To match the Yamaha 01/X doorstop)