Authorizing 2 steinberg products on same machine under different logins

Hi, this is a bit of a sticky wicket.
I’m a long-time Cubase user authorized to my personal account, installed on my windows desktop at home.
I’m also a long-time Dorico user, authorized to my church email on my church-owned MacBook.

Now that Steinberg allows two installations, which I am thrilled about, I’m a bit flummoxed trying to authorize Dorico on my home machine with my church email address alongside my Cubase installation.

When I open the activation manager on my Cubase machine (WINDOWS), logged in with my church email it shows that I have no products.

Any suggestions?


If I’ve understood correctly, this should all just work - you should be able to log in to the Steinberg Activation Manager using your church email on both your MacBook and your Windows PC. (Cubase shouldn’t be relevant, as that will still be using the eLicenser Control Center.) Is it definitely the church email that you are logged in to the Activation Manager with on both machines? If you click the icon at the top right it will show you your email in the menu that appears.


Ok - I think I was wrongly under the presumption that the new activation system was in place that would allow me to run Dorico on two machines without moving the dongle back and forth.

Thanks for the reply!

You can run Dorico on multiple machines without needing to use the USB-eLicenser. However, when Cubase 12 arrives, if you decide to update to that version, and you want to run it on the same computer as Dorico 4, you will need to make sure it is licensed under the same Steinberg ID.