Authorizing V5 after upgrade to V6

Since upgrading to V6, I’m able to continue using 5.5 as well as 6 on my upgraded PC. However, the dongle will not authorize use of 5.5 on another PC I use (which has not been upgraded to V6 yet). On that machine, in the ELicenser control centre the V6 authorization doesn’t show up, just an unrecognised Steinberg product. What do I need to do? Note - this un-upgraded machine is not connected to the net.


I’d say - download the latest eLicenser software (database and drivers) to an USB-stick and install it on the “other” machine.


As Dietz said give that a try. After updating our eLicensers to v5.5, v5.0 wouldn’t run until we updated the eLicenser databases on our other computers. v5.0 worked fine after that. Kind of a pain.

As suggested, I updated the E-Licenser software and all came good.
Thanks everyone!