Auto activation particular functions

Hello everyone.

Can someone pleae tell me how can some features may be activated once I open audio file? For example all the time I have to activate or deactivate functions like “acoustic feedback”, “Smart controls - Show all smart controls”, switching off “Autofollow”. How can I have all of these activated / deactivated like I want?


The only one way is to make a Macro. So you wouldn’t double-click to open the Sample Editor, you would use your Key Command, which would be assigned to the Macro.

Something like:

  • Open Editor
  • Enable Acoustic feedback
  • Show All Smart Controls

Isn’t this settings stored globally?

The problem is you cannot enable or disable these functions. There is a “blind” toggle only and you don’t know the state before.

Thanks for reply. So it’s impossible to make a macro for double clicking which will activate particular features that I want, isn’t it?
Is it possible when audio file is selected or active in lower zone, by pressing assigned button implement a particular macro like turning on/off acoustic feedback, activating Edit variAudio, all smart control? Or macro works only from the main project window?

Smart controls and acoustic feedback remember their state here. There’s nothing in preferences I’d be aware of or something, they just appear as last used.


The Macro cannot double-click, but the Macro can trigger the function directly.

Thanks. What about activating Smart control - show all smart control, autoscroll?

Can you please tell which command in key command activates button “Edit VariAudio” and “Show all smart controls”?


Tool > VariAudio Tool.

Sample Editor > VariAudio - Toggle Smart Control Mode.

Thank you so much!