Auto Add Fades on Split

This is probably out there, but it would be SWEET if when you sliced audio, there would be a setting to automatically add fade in and/or fade out around the edit point. Why?

While this may be just habit, I was always told/trained to fade in all audio clips so they don’t “pop” on. There’s always some noise floor. It may not be audible, but its good to do it anyway.

I do a lot of live event production (multi-track) editing, so there is always going to be audible bleed on my tracks. I cut out around what I need, but then fade them in and out. I have keyboard shortcuts to do this, but I could always split and have a 1s or .5s fade. This would save me a TON of time.

Yes, I could do an audio gate, but that would be tedious to set up for the type of work I am doing as the threshold/floor wouldn’t always be the same. It’s also more processing that adds up for about 64 tracks.

Also, a quick search showed that Reaper does this already!

Anyone follow?

I defer to what our venerable forum member “Split” has to say! :smiley:

In all seriousness, muzicman82, I think that would be a great preference item.

Thanks -

Ha! I am always looking for ways to speed up my editing. Under normal chop up and edit mode, my right hand is on the mouse and my left is on the left side of the keyboard and hands barely need to move. It’s super quick.

As a side question, is there a way to adjust the increase/decrease fade in/out increment when using the keyboard? I feel like i have to hold down the assigned shortcut for a few seconds to get a .5-1.0s fade.

Auto fades?

Page 122 of the Operation Manual?

Granted it only goes up to 500 ms.

That appears to be only for each track, whereas I need fades on individual audio events on a track. And what I am asking for is that the fades are added when you split an event.

Another acceptable feature for me might be a global auto fade in/out for all audio events… but I think the event display should show the fade as it will automatically happen… icing on the cake would be the ability to edit it once it has been automatically added.

Maybe I’ll download Reaper again and see how they do it.

What you want is already there, as Shinta said. One possible caveat: the auto fades are applied in real time to each audio event globally or per track, thus possibly using much CPU. Page 122-123.

Looked it over and it may work, but I wish 1) it showed the fade curve and 2) allowed you to override curves on an event.

I’ve been using auto fades and crossfades since SX1.

Its not too heavy on cpu at all (my pentium 4 handled full albums with this active in 2003) An I7 chews this up no problem.
It works wonders for simply being able to snip and move on without worrying about clicks, and I love the fact that it doesn’t show you the fade, ie its invisible and not cluttered looking.

I much prefer this to Reaper which shows the fade each time.

my 2 cents worth


Has something changed in this regard after many years? Is it possible to create such a macro when cutting with scissors create in previous audio block fade out and in next - fade in a specified time value?

I would like to point out that I am not interested in the global setting of autofades for the entire project, because often, each place requires individual settings (the macro would be automatic and visible on two blocks and would require a slight adjustment of the length, but it is still more convenient than the whole process from the beginning every time)

This is a very common editing activity, even basic, and when we have many hours of voice-over text, each action such as cutting + fade out the previous block + fade in the next block takes a lot of time.