Auto-add player to flow no longer working

Hi all,

In addition to updating default settings, I keep a master default file that has all my master pages set up the way I want, as these cannot be transferred between files. Any time I find some settings I like better or a master page I find myself using often, I just update my master default file. Unfortunately any added players no longer automatically add to Flow 1 and need to be added manually in this file.

According to the documentation players are “assigned to all existing flows that originated in the project,” but are “not added to any flows that you imported into the project.” I assume Dorico now thinks that “Flow 1” didn’t originate in my master file. I’m not sure exactly how or when this happened. If I delete Flow 1, and create a new flow then all players will auto-add, but of course the first flow in my main default will now always be Flow 2 which is probably not ideal. I could edit the master pages of an older file that doesn’t show this behavior and update the default settings, but I’m not sure what sort of residual data will then be stored.

What I’d really like to do is just tell Dorico that Flow 1 is not an imported flow, and I’d like all added players to automatically be assigned to it and any new flows. I’m assuming there’s no way to do this within the file, but if there is please let me know. There’s no way to hack the file to remove the imported flow tag is there?

To be completely honest I’m not entirely sure whether I could fix this, but I’d be willing to have a go. If you send me your project (d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de) and include a reminder of why you’re sending it to me so I can remember what to do with it, I’ll take a look.