"auto-align" quantize

I’ve been doing a lot of music accompaniment to existing tracks lately and find my self tapping a hihat to the existing track so that tempo detection can do a more accurate job. You see there are many stops to the music so I would like to put a tempo in there for my acc parts.

Here’s the question:
In graphics programs, there is an alignment feature (a graphic version of quantize) that will take the first object and the last object and evenly space the in-between objects. This would be SO useful to me and I was wondering if there is a Cubase equivalent of this technique.

Any thoughts?



Do you want to set any part of time, and divide it to specific bars/beats, in fact? Am I right? I think Warp tool could help in this case. You can graphicly say: this time will be divided to X-bars and Y-beats. Then, you can quantize by this grid, or make notes, etc.

Thanks for the reply. Well, my quandary is that the grid has not yet been established. That being said, if this could be done using a grid of minute:seconds:milliseconds, That could be very useful to me.

For instance:
I have point “A” at 01:01:0100 and point “B” at 10:23:121 and want 4 midi notes to go in between these two points evenly spaced.

I hope I’ve made this a little clearer. Thanks again.


In this case, you can do it this way:

  1. Create MIDI Note, which starts at point A (01:01:0100) and ends at point B (10:23:121).
  2. Select the note.
  3. Use Logical Editor, and set very easy process (see attachment). You can set the divide variously. I set divided by 4, what means 1/4 of original length.
  4. Click the Apply button.
  5. Use Edit > Function > Duplicate menu, and duplicate the note 4-times (or any other number, which agree with the “divided by”). Or use Edit Function > Repeat menu, and set the count, you want to use.

Does it work to you?

You can assign your own keyboard shortcuts for different Logical Editor presets, ie. divides and repeats. :wink:

Many Thanks! Sounds great. I’ll try it ASAP and report back.

Thanks Again,

That idea was just what the doctor ordered! Many thanks for your generosity.


This was the EXACT same question that I had. I too was looking for something similar to the spacing options in Photoshop in order to get some samples equally spaced out. This was the solution I was looking for as well. Thanks for the detailed instructions! Worked perfectly!