Auto-backup to a cloud service in Cubasis?

Is there a way to set the media bay in cubasis to a cloud location like icloud etc. where everything is automaticly backed up?

I really like Cubasis but I much prefer the way Garageband can be icloud synced. That way whatever I do is automaticly reflected and secured on icloud and is available across devices.

Using share/import function within Cubasis is a lot of user steps and for me adds to confusion while handeling the version in the media bay and aditional copies that are shared to iclod.

Hi MajorJohnny,

Thank you for your message.
While Cubasis supports to backup files in the cloud, there is no auto option available.

Please check if using Apple’s Files app helps to improve the process to import/export Cubasis files.
To learn more about Files app support, please have a look at our available Cubasis 2.4 tutorial.

Hope that helps.


I have to say, I love Cubasis and very few flaws and rarely bugs, but it would really be great if the default folder that Cubasis used to save projects/data could be iCloud. As otherwise we’re only as good as the last time we manually copied the data to iCloud/Dropox/Drive. I guess there is some reason you all have not done this, but it would make me feel better. Too, if the ipad is lost or broken… I’ve lost everything not backed up, and also that it makes it harder to use multiple ipad devices.