Auto-break at rehearsal marks?

(Dorico 3)

I’m mainly arranging pop tunes, which largely suit having 4 bars per system. I also want a system break at every rehearsal mark. If I set “fixed number of bars to 4 bars”, but the phrase actually has 5 bars, then it will make the 5th bar one system wide, which is hard to read. In this case I would like to put all 5 bars on one system.

Is there a way of setting maximum bars per system to, say, 6, and on top of that setting a rule so that if there is a rehearsal mark then a system break occurs? Also, is there a way that, for example, if there are a lot of semi/demisemiquavers in a passage, that there will be a system break earlier on, in order to make it all more readable?

At the moment a lot of my time is taken up going through each part and manually adding system breaks at rehearsal marks, or creating 5 or 6 bar systems. I just wondered if I’m missing an easier way of doing this.


At present, there is no way to automate system breaks at rehearsal marks.

Ok thanks for the response. I think I answered my own question anyway! It would be a great feature to have in the future.

Regarding whatever-short-note-that-is… if you have a lot of them, Dorico has an excellent note spacing algorithm. Check the values for shorter notes at Layout Options–Note Spacing.

Hi there!

Rising this post from the grave: is such a thing possible yet?
Writing a lot of lead sheets these days, but can’t find a setting for it yet.


There’s no setting for this currently.