auto colouring


How do I assign a colour automatically to a type of track
e.g. green for midi, blue for audio etc so that when I create one of these new tracks
they will appear in those colours?
Is this possible?


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It’s a different subject, I suggest you read it properly, or simply ignore it if you have nothing to offer.


Hey - Spottydog

Dont think this is an option, In prefs you can set each new track to use same colour, colour +1, last applied colour, or random theres another too, default event colour? Theres no option to select colour by type of track, I think Steinberg are sticking to the logo method to differentiate, which is fine once you are used to it,

As a workaround - you could set up a template project with everything set up and coloured to the way you like to work, creating more tracks than you think you’ll need, you can always pack them to a folder or delete them when the project is ready to mix.

Set up a big project with loads of tracks ready to go coloured the way you want - save as template from the file menu

Hope this helps

Hi Betamac,

Pity that, yeah, me own template might be the way to go,

Thanks mate,