Auto continuation of type on Rehearsal marks

Something I keep being surprised by is that if you change the type of rehearsal mark, say from letters to digits, the next one you add always defaults to letters. This is an asymmetric behavior in that letters seemingly work the way you want - keep adding them and they continue incrementing, but with numbers you have to keep fiddling with the properties.

Dorico seems to have a philosophy that operations always start from a ground state. For example on note entry the duration always starts with quarters. I don’t agree with that approach but have gotten used to it, however here it keeps being a little surprise.

Anyhow just a word for a tiny issue that might be a small improvement.

Are you using a mixture of letters and numbers in the same project, or just numbers? If the latter, change the default sequence type in Engraving Options > Rehearsal Marks, and all rehearsal marks you input will follow that type.

Just using one or the other usually. Didn’t know about changing the default type, thanks for the tip. What I need changes on a per project basis, are engraving options project based? I think they are, if so that’s perfect.

Yep they are.

Yes, Engraving Options exist within the project, although you can save a particular formulation of options as your defaults for all future projects.

This is of course consistent with Dorico’s overarching philosophy: set the defaults to the settings that suit the majority of instances in the project, then use Properties to override on an individual-item-basis. Whenever you find yourself changing a property for the same type of notation repeatedly, check for a default setting in one of the Big 5 options dialogs.

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OK now I’ve got it, that wasn’t 100% clear to me before.