Auto creating segment before Generate Harmony

I’m playing with the Generate Harmony feature. First attempts sounded terrible, but with some tweaking, I got something sounding, well, interesting. The problem is when a vocal segment crosses chord boundaries the new chord is ignored causing a “bad” sounding chord. I want the harmony to always follow the chords. There is a tedious process to fix. I can go into the sample editor, use the segments feature to cut a segment at the chord boundary and I get the desired effect. (Takes too long and it is easy to make mistakes - a generally unsatisfactory experience.)

So is there a way to automatically create a segment when a new chord event occurs? I was looking for a command that chopped at every quarter note or something, but I couldn’t find that either.

Here are some steps to replicate the issue:

  • Record an audio track by holding down single note, say middle C, for 4 or 5 measures (normally this would be the vocal track - but I used a simple synth saw to figure out the issue)
  • Add a chord track and change the chord each measure
  • Generate Harmonies
  • Play back of generated harmonies shows chords ignored (so the harmonies will clash with the other instruments)
  • Undo generator harmonies
  • Using the sample editor, split the single note at each measure
  • Regenerate the harmonies
  • Play back of generated tracks now follows the chords

So - I want the splitting to occur automatically. Any suggestions for me? Or is this a suggestion for steinburg product management? :slight_smile: