Auto fades/crossfades clarification

since auto fades/crossfades are invisible, I want to ask you for help to clarify, when exactly those are applied reliably.

  • I have overlapping events disabled (Preferences > Editing > Delete overlaps). Does this make a difference at all?

  • If i cut an event with auto crossfade enabled, a crossfade should be applied after cutting. But what happens if i drag the events apart (introducing a gap) and later place the events next to each other, again (closing the gap)? Will the crossfade be replaced by fade in and -out, once i drag them apart (assuming auto fade-in and -out are also enabled) and will those fades become one crossfade again, after “closing the gap”?

  • Does simply dragging one event somewhere on top of another introduce auto crossfades? Eg. i have event “A” (3 bars long) and event “B” (1 bar long) and drag B on top of A to replace the middle bar of A.

  • If auto fades/crossfades are disabled for the track or project, does enabling them introduce the respective fades on edits that were made beforehand or does it only “see” edits that were made while having auto fades enabled for the track?

Hope i didn’t express it too confusingly :wink:

Usually, you will hear pops and clicks if the fade in/out is not working. Really, that is the only reason for the crossfades or fading in and out. If you have total silence and then instantly there is audio, usually you will here a very pronounced popping sound. You can try this out on your own by turning off auto crossfades and split up some audio. When you go from a blank region to an audio region you should have no problem hearing the pop.

Yes, sounds logical. The material i tried it with was timestretched and variaudio’ed, though, so it wasn’t that obvious where artifacts/pops might come from. Also i have snap to zero crossings activated for those edits, which should make it less obvious as well.

I was just looking for general “rulings”, so i wouldn’t have to worry as much in the future and maybe spend less time re-visiting edits in solo over and over again.