Auto Fill Rests with Legato Note Values?

I’m writing a 27 performer percussion ensemble piece and gradually incorporating instruments with the capacity for sustain (bass guitar/bass clarinet/etc)

I’ve notated the boards and battery using the smallest/smaller rhythmic values since percussionists usually aren’t concerned with sustain and it’s easier for them to read precise rhythms this way.

However, when I take a melodic part from a marimba and put it on bass or clarinet, I realized it would be immensely helpful to have a tool that would take the rests in between each note in the marimba part and fill them in as though each note in the measure were legato - sustained until the beginning of the next note. I realize I could notate something like “sustain each note” or “play each note legato” but that kind of ignores the notation conventions that each instrument group are accustomed to and might make different player groups work harder to achieve an accurate performance.

Is there a function that does this that I missed or a workaround to achieve this effect quickly rather than selecting each rest individually, inserting a note, and then tying it to the previous note?

Many thanks.

There’s no easy way of doing this at the moment, but you’re not the first person to request it, so maybe one day…

I distinctly recall a dev team member saying this was coming in the next version. Almost certain (maybe a Discover Dorico session?) Unless I get rebuked for prophesying… :laughing:

I should clarify that I was merely speculating, but you may very well be right, Dan :slight_smile:

No, we haven’t promised that this is coming, I’m afraid, but it is something that we are aware of the need for and do plan to implement in the future.

Many thanks!