Auto gain/vocal rider/auto leveler in Cubase?

Hi guys!

im looking for an insert effect(s) to ‘normalize’ the gain/level of any vsti or audio track.

Right now im using a compressor + limiter to do this, but it changes the sound to much.

Goal is to “ride” the gain while changing plugins like compression, distortion, bit crushers etc etc
A lot of times i get the ‘louder is better’ feeling because it just turn up the level with a plugin im trying on a vocal etc
With hardware you can compensate this with two hands, which is a bit different with plugins.
(im looking for a controller to do this right now).

Ive tried Vocal Rider from Waves, and some other audio gain plugins but they dont really work well for what im doing.
So i put these auto gain plugins after the pluging im working with, so it auto compensates for gain changes.

For example, for me, MG 2 from Black Box Design is hard to use without such a gain staging, because I always get tricked that louder is better LOL.
Then you turn it down, and come to the conclusion that the things you did were not that great :slight_smile:

Have you checked out Hornet’s Normalizer?

The Normalizer

no! i tried the Auto Gain Pro, also from them.

will try Normalizer, thanks!

i came across a plugin that did exactly what i need, but I forgot its name.
Some kind of auto leveler to try our different plugins in a chain etc etc
It was on, but i cant find it anymore…so stupid i didnt download it emmediatly.
Didnt think of it at the time of reading…it was a couple of months ago…

That alone would be the greatest addition of all times to Steinberg’s plug-in library.

i found it!

i tried it yesterday, but it doesnt level automatically, you have to press an update button everytime. Maybe im doing something wrong.
You have to load one instance (source) before the plugin you want to tweak, and one behind (controller). Then the plugin will read and adjust the difference, or something like that.

In the end, a midi controller with two hands works best :slight_smile:

Very happy with Melda MCompare

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sweet!!! i didnt know this one

im using Reference from Masters In The mix for mastering, but the auto level changes very, very slowly…