Auto-load last project on startup?


I’ve recently switched to Cubase Elements 9 from another DAW which had a very convenient option to automatically load the last project worked on, when the app opens. I can’t seem to find this ability anywhere in Cubase. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated !

Many thanks,

I believe that was removed around Cubase 7.
But to be fair it caused a lot of problems when you had a rogue plugin that crashed Cubase every time you started.

I used to enjoy that option in old Cubase versions, but now I use an AppleScript to do it. This will start Cubase without the splash screen though. Just in case you’re using mac, here it is

tell application “Cubase 9” to activate
tell application “System Events”
tell process “Cubase 9”
set frontmost to true
click menu item 1 of menu of menu item “Recent Projects” of menu “File” of menu bar 1
end tell
end tell

I created an ‘applet’ to run this so that I have an icon to click on the desktop.

If you can remember the last project (like I can) then: create a shortcut to the CPR-file and doubleclick on that :wink:

Wow I was trying to figure out a solution and found your script here. Quick change to “Cubase 10.5” then saved as an app which runs on Login and hey presto… last project opens on starting up the iMac. This is great, thanks so much!