Auto Mixdown for Wavelab?

I guess most Wavelab users dispise even the question, but sometimes I wish I had a plugin for Wavelab, that gives me some (ideally AI supported) baseline for my mixdown. I can then tweak it to my desires in Wavelab. Is there such thing? I only find online AI mixdown services that give me a complete WAV file and with that I can’t do much more in Wavelab.

No AI, but the supplied MasterRig plugin is a complete plugin that you can adjust. Try it.

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I confused “mixdown” with “mastering” in my question :open_mouth: Thank you, I know MasterRig, but isn’t it a collection of mastering tools with a plethora of parameters? I usually mix down in Cubase and then import the result with Wavelab where I do final dynamics eqs and the like. I use Wavelab for 20 years or so, but I master maybe 2 or 3 songs per year with it. Every time I check Youtube videos about mastering tips and you can tell, my results are somewhat random.

I recently used DistroKid to publish a song and it came with free AI mastering for the first song. For me, as a hobbyist, the result sounded quiet good (I wouldn’t trust it to master a symphony but I don’t compose symphonies). But the AI mastering service (or auto mastering service, I don’t think much intelligence is involved) costs 80$ or so per year - about my Wavelab upgrade costs - but it lacks flexibility (like different compression for different parts of the song). Hence my whish for an “AI master assist” in Wavelab. It would do things like normalization, compression and eqing for me (non destructive) and I can use Wavelab to analyze the result and tweak it.

As you know, there are already lots of automatic online AI mastering tools. You should be able to find some good options there if you must have an automated process.

As PG mentions currently there’s no AI in Wavelab. But who knows - it may be included in the future. In the meantime, you could try MasterRig factory presets, and then tweak the settings. There are quite a lot of good factory presets which make good starting points.

Izotope Neuron & Ozone are currently on Black Friday offers which could do that job for you moreso Ozone,
although memory intensive they’d do what you need as a plugin in your chain

I prefer doing it all manually personally but there’s no reason why it couldn’t be used

@AlexBarton: I forgot to thank you for your tip. I grabbed the Ozone 11 Black Friday offer and this tool is GREAT and exactly what I was looking for. For most of my stuff, I can master with three clicks and I that is it. But it also has some advanced tweaking / analyzing features, that I have not fully explored yet (and probably never will). Best product advice in a long time! Now I hope Wavelab 12 finally manages to scale plugins for high dpi. (But Ozone is OK with 8K, you can enlarge the window just the fonts stay tiny.)