Auto Mixing of Multiple Tracks (like, balancing all tracks in project)

I’ve been looking around for some tool that could learn from all tracks in a project and make a reasonable gain staging based on general balance and optionally, prefered tracks to bring to front.

I have just watched a YT video about Neutron 4, and it seems that Neutron has some such general volume balancing function, but apart from that the Neutron 4 software doesn’t seem to do much more than that in terms of Auto Mixing of all tracks in a project.

Neutron 4 seems powerful for dealing with individual tracks though, and to some extent pairs of tracks which can be side chained to bring to front whatever you want. But for its price it seems a bit overkill for only basic volume balancing/gain staging.

Q: Are there any alternative plugins out there for achieving balancing between multiple tracks (incl volume, of course, but perhaps also dealing with phasing issues, and conflicting frequencies etc.)

Any acceptable price for a tool I’m looking for would depend on the capability of such “multi track” balancing.


This is for you:

Thank me later

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Wow, this was exactly what I was looking for. Bought and downloaded. Now I’m going to have a much happier life. :grinning:

And the thanks, here it comes; THANK YOU!


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