Auto nudge audio by milliseconds and frames?


I am looking to create a remote setup to record clients with. So far have been using AudioMovers Listen-to for mixing to client’s ears, which has worked well between different DAWs.
Yesterday I tried using the Listen-To-Receiver plugin to receive the audio from my client, which then resulted in the audio being 0.4s delayed. I am trying to work out the best solution to ideally ‘auto-nudge’ the remotely recorded audio to its intended position.
Does anyone here have an idea if there is such a thing?

Thank you

In other words, is there a way to apply auto nudge when recording?

I don’t think there are any commands of functions in Cubase that can be automatically applied. The closest thing I can think of is Track Delay, which can be entered here:

Other than that, you could set up a custom key command to nudge the selected Event/Part by any pre-configured value.

That would work, however, it won’t help the audio visually. I am heading in the VST Connect route.