Auto pitch shifting glitch!

is there any one here who faced auto pitch shifting glitch? my cubase is pro 12. at first i thought its halion’s problem. but its not. same thing is happening in analog lab 5, and kontakt 6 too. cubase is bending the pitch automatically down. its happening randomly. like its happening with my recorded midi projects, its happening when I am playing midi keyboard. I am just tired. i searched a lot in google. i got no solution. somebody help me.

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Have you tried disconnecting all external MIDI devices you have? i had a MIDI controller once whose mod wheel was broken and suddenly started sending data even without me moving it. And I heard of someone having a similar problem, with seemingly random pitch changes, and in the end it was an external device, too.

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Like @fese said, if that only happens with VST instruments, the culprit is probably a defective pitch bend. Can you check the pitch bend automation of the recorded midi tracks ? If it gets modulated without you touching it, then the issue is the controller.

I would download this tool. It can let you see all MIDI data being transmitted on your system and can help you track down if some spurious MIDI data from a broken controller or noisy pot is causing your issues.


Or you can use the already available MIDI Monitor plugin!

Its a hardware issue. Finally I have found it. I communicated with the ARTURIA and they gave me solution. thank you everybody for your reply.

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Hi, I have the same problem with Cubase Pro 12
Version 12.0.40 - Build 317 - Jul 20 2022

At first I thought it was an anomaly with the controller keyboard (M Audio Axiom 49), I changed the USB cable, connected it directly to the PC, disconnected other controllers, I thought the keyboard might be broken.

I bought a Keylab 61 I connected it to a different USB port directly on the PC, with the new cable and the problem remains, in all VST`s it changes the pitch down!!!

What’s going on here, Steinberg?

I have the same issue now with nektar 49+
its appeared suddenly
Version - Build 317 - 07.12 2022

I have the same problem. The midi pitch keeps changing at random times. I have the Arturia keylab 61 keyboard and Cubase Pro 12.0.40 on Win 10

I’m having this issue too, using a Keylab 49 mkII on Windows 10, latest version of Cubase. I’m noticing several of us here talking about using Arturia, so I’m gonna try seeing if there are any updates I can install for it.

May you please let us know what their solution was?

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directly talk to manufacturer of your midi keyboard.
my manufacturer told me they will change the pitch bender and requested me to talk with the distributor in my country. my distributor said “hey man let arturia let me about your problem, they didn’t send any mail to us yet” then talked to arturia blah blah blah. … huge hastle. cause i live in bangladesh. you probably never even heard of it. everything is “genjam” here. i mean complex.
but i’ve started to think its cubase issue. its can not be a hardware issue. at least my problem seems like that.

I am randomly experiencing the same, and initial investigations point to it NOT being a controller issue. Kontakt seems like the prime suspect, but I’ve also had it in a couple of softsynths.