Auto-Play controls - WinExplorer; Import files

This function got added back in recently (was removed at launch of C10). However, bit annoyed as I’m still seeing this… The ‘playback area’ is black and you can’t see the small playhead indicator anymore. Was the same in C9.5 by the way. In C5, it was perfectly clear. Anyone else…?

  1. File menu -> Import -> browse to folder of media. Select file. Click Play button.
  2. Notice the display
    Play controls_C10.jpg
    Here’s the same from C5
    Play controls_C5.jpg
    Maybe its just me; I have checked that my graphics card drivers and Windows Updates are all the latest and greatest.



This is the new Ruler view in Cubase. It doesn’t do anything else but just print the main Cubase ruler to this window.


Thanks Martin - so to clarify, you see the same as me in your C10.? If so, I’d see this as broken behaviour - clearly its not supposed to display like that; its supposed to be like the C5 picture I posted. Thankfully you can still click anywhere in the play area to start playback from that point; so functionality is ok - its just a visual thing. You can’t see the little playhead progress anymore (you can in C5).


I can see the dark background of the ruler, same as the ruler in Cubase is. I can see the playhead cursor (hardly, but I can see it). I agree with you, it was much better visible in Cubase 5. At the other hand I understand the technical background, it’s just the same view as the main ruler.