auto punch-in problem

let me apologise in advance for what’s bound to be a banal question.

I’ve recorded some Midi in free time irrespective of cubase’s bar numbers and without click. I want to replace from a certain point onwards so I’ve set auto punch in to start at left locator. On the run-through everything sounds fine but on playback, I can see that the original track has been cut-off too soon. So in this example, my left-loc is set at and on the auto-run through this is where I hear the track become silent. But on playback, the track is silenced at exactly bar 25 - i.e. prematurely.

thanks for any help

Most likely you need to highlight the track and turn off the “snap” function. Since you already did the auto punch in recording I don’t think you can restore what you lost between the 25 and It still might be there but… doubtful. Hopefully there wasn’t anything there to begin with or maybe you can edit what is missing back in. Good luck.

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  • thanks for replying, Prock.

Alas, ‘snap’ was my primary suspect. Unless there are other snap constraints than the one in the toolbar, then snap doesn’t appear to the problem.
There’s nothing destructive going on since I just ‘undo’ to reset and try again, so no problem in that respect.

I’m mystified. I don’t remember having this difficulty with v5. If most Cubase users are working in fixed tempo in snap conditions could it be a bug that doesn’t often surface?

I have a similar recording method at times, and though I don’t have an answer to your specific question, a workaround is to: arm/record a different track, split a duplicate of the original track at the point you want to edit (yes, a duplicate, I never work on the original track!), then just record your playing along with the first track through the edit point. When happy with the results just drag the appropriate part of the new recording up to the original (dup’d) track and glue.

Another option is to use Track Versions in a similar fashion

  • thanks, alexis, that’s what I’ll do…good idea!

regards - b