Auto-Punch - quirky functionality?

I’m on 9.5

When I activate auto-punch IN, then hit PLAY, the enabled track will go into record when the play-head gets to the punch-in point. I don’t see any preference to change this. It “should” really be that you have to record enable the track and press RECORD (not play).

The downside of the current functionality is that if you’re doing multiple auto punch-in takes and then want to play over the area to listen, you have to deactivate the punch in point first, then play and listen, and then reactivate the punch-in point before the next take. If you forget to deactivate the punch-in point, it starts recording when you don’t want it to…if you forget to reactivate the punch-in point, you miss a take.

The workflow would be streamlined, and it would make more sense, if the system only went into record when you hit record.

Am I missing something?


There is no preferences for this. This is how does it work in Cubase. I know some other DAWs work the other way around, you described.

The advantage of Cubase solution is, you can decide if you want to start Record immediately from the cursor position, or you want to Punch In. So at one moment, you have 2 places, where you can jump into the record.

The disadvantage is, what you have described.

+1 for this to make it an option.
What you described here is the way, Studio One works.
For me it’s way faster to record myself doing guitar takes for example and doing quick punch ins only when I hit * for record.
When I just hit play, the playback continues on the punch in point and no recording starts.
Very quick way to listen back what I’ve just recorded.

Btw: There’s an option to auto disable Punch In when hit stop while recording.
With this option at least you cannot forget to deactivate punch in :wink:

@Damageplan - thanks for mentioning the pref to auto disable punch in - that is exactly what I wanted to have happen. Now I can use punch in recording and listen back to what I’ve done . Its great.