Auto-Quantization in Dorico ipad for real-time record

I’ve looked all over and keep hearing about this thing called a context menu - page 191 “Midi Quantize dialog options” shows a window with various modes which I cannot access. It says click the context menu - three little dots - the only thing I can see is the dots near the top right corner - but there is no quantize or re-quantize option in it.
The drop-down starts with ‘Paste Special’ and goes down to ‘Reset position’

I’m probably in the wrong mode but the manual is not clear enough to to explain what I should be doing.

To be clear - I am trying to set ‘auto-quantize’ options in order to record directly from a bluetooth keyboard - because at the moment it doesn’t matter how carefully I play with the metronome in record it looks like a dog’s dinner and I usually end up deciding to write everything in by hand instead - but I’m wasting so much time doing it that way.

If Dorico could reasonably accurately represent what I’d played that would be great progress!

The iPad manual might not be quite correct in this area, with apologies. I’ve made a note to review it.

You will find the default options for MIDI recording on the Play page of Preferences, under the Quantization heading.

Is it possible that the fundamental issue with the quality of results you’re getting as actually latency? If everything appears either ahead of or behind the beat, that’s most likely the issue.

Thanks I think that solves that particular problem.