Auto-remove double note-heads?

I’ve imported a MIDI file, and I’m getting double noteheads on some notes.

I can’t get rid of them using Quantisation. And I can’t Filter one or other. (that I’ve found.)

Is there any other method?
Screenshot 7.png

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No, unfortunately at the moment you’ll have to manually select and delete them. We have a task on the backlog to sort out filtering only one of these two notes in this kind of situation.

Has there been added a more comfortable solution to this issue since it has been asked? This becomes particularly relevant with the new midi import additions in D4.

Select the double notes and filter for the top (or bottom) note in chords. This will select only one of the notes (at least for me).

This does not work reliably in more “complicated” cases like this (which is not unlikely to happen with midi files where selective stacking of samples has been applied to in the original session).

In the below case the procedure was “select all” and use the filter top note in deselect mode:

So a dedicated command “filter duplicate notes” would be helpful.

Yes, that is a bit more tricky than the initial question of this topic! :slight_smile: