Auto-render tracks

This may be a terrible idea but I’m posting it up anyway :astonished:. It’s one possible method of decreasing micro-mgmt of rendering tracks in order to free up CPU:

Provide an option for Cubase to auto-render a track after it hasn’t been record-armed or monitored (selected) for x minutes. This auto-render should occur when the transport is stopped and the cpu is under x% utilization, and the process should be transparent to the user.

  • Each track should have a right-click menu to disable auto-render for that specific track (saves with templates)
  • Each VST/VSTi should have an option to globally disable auto-render for that plug-in (located next to the asio guard option in the plug-in manager?)
  • Auto-rendered tracks should follow the Render Setup settings. Per track Render Settings (saved with templates) may clutter things but it would be nice…
  • My preference would be for the rendered track to take the place of the original track (which is hidden) and for the rendered track to have a symbol on it (e.g. AR) that can be clicked in order to revert it back to the original track state.

Most importantly, this feature would be optional for those that will absolutely hate my idea :smiley: