Auto sampler like logic pro?


I see tutorials sampling stufs using autosampler in logic pro… anything similar in nuendo ?
(never heard about anything like it)

I used it on a few old synths, and have not found anything like it inside a DAW.

Something like this maybe?

Perhaps HALion’s Sample Recorder?

Only if it can do the following, which I suspect it does not:

  1. Play back a single MIDI note, in all velocities, one after the other. Automatically. 127 steps.
  2. Move to the next note, and again play it back on all volume steps.
  3. Be recording each note, in each velocity, as an independent audio file. 127 audio files.
  4. Create a folder with all this organized, so when you go to drop it to a new sample engine, it can easily create all notes in the right velocity automatically.
  5. Within this structure, be able to reduce the number of note velocities, i.e. for an old synth that does not have as much range.
  6. Can it be made to determine the correct length of each note, either automatically or programmatically?

Can Halion do that? It would be great if it did.

For that kind of job, in the past I’ve used Extreme Sample Converter (“Hardware converter”), not sure if it’s still available/usable.

Could build a MIDI file template that does ‘most’ of that in Nuendo itself. From there do an instant render of the MIDI/Instrument track if resampling a plugin, or a real time bounce if it’s an external source.

I think you’d still need to do some event slicing and naming manually unless your Sampler has some features to ‘drag and drop’ to the zone maps, and take care of automatically trimming/sorting/naming it on export (HALion can do that).

So, after rendering the MIDI track…
Slice it up with the scissor tool, do some sample processing to the events accordingly (if desired/required…personally I find alot of the sample editing tools in Cubase/Nuendo to be quite helpful, well before I try to bring it into a sampler for those flavor of micro edits), and then drag the slices directly into your favorite sampler (that supports drag and drop of Cubendo events) for whatever edits/loops/etc are required there.

It’s how I’ve done it with HALion. At first the results of my MIDI template lives as a single audio file in the Project’s audio folder. Later I have HALion ‘export’ the samples to whatever location I want, all named/trimmed and sorted. The last step(s) would be optionally packing it into a vstsound archive.

Yeah… no.

That is a ton of work, that auto sampling software does for you. Maybe in a future big update, Steinberg implements something for us.

Glad you’ve found something that can do it all by itself. I never found such a tool (though it has been a while since I tried). Still had to import it, zone it, set loop points, trim it, etc.

Not too hard with HALion in Cubendo. Can drag the events from the DAW right onto the zone maps.