Auto Save Issue

Hi all,

Auto save is set to 15mins and switched on, yet when a session accidentally closed, the autosave didnt seem to happen. The session was on and sat idle for around an hour. Then Cubase died, but the project file didnt save.

Is something up here or am I reading the purpose of autosave wrong?


Probably too simple, but you know to search for .bak files?

I discounted the backup file being the answer as the modified date was not updated.

EDIT: Yeah, the backup doesn’t have any of the work.

Yep, auto-saved files have the .bak extension rather than the .cpr extension. You can rename then to be .cpr if you like, they’ll open fine then. Or you can open the last .cpr file you used and Cubase will/should tell you there are later .bak files and offer to rename and open the latest instead. Personally I prefer the renaming method, then I can adjust the name to include e.g. ‘recovered’ just to remind me that I had a problem with the project at that point.

Aha, but, I see you’ve noticed that sometimes auto-save stops working!! I use ‘Save New Version’ (default Ctrl-Alt-S) as regularly as auto-save for this reason. Also it seems to me that when Cubase crashes then its likely that auto-save has already stopped working… Hmm, maybe that’s just my over active imagination :slight_smile:


That’s a pity. It does sound like your latest edits will be lost. Leaving a project loaded and idle without saving is a bit risky though.

I set Autosave to 5 mins and limit to 5 versions, but I am also still in the habit of Cntrl/s after most operations and I save incrementally, changing the filename 2/3 times daily. Then nightly whole-project backups to another drive. That might sound excessive, but I got badly caught out a few years ago, lost about six album projects worth of data due to a bad drive and the stress was enormous. Eventually using a specialist lab, I got the data back, though it cost me £750 to do so. I still think that the fee was well worthwhile.

In recent years Cubase has become a lot more stable and I don’t get many crashes, but when they very occasionally do happen, then .bak usually gets me out of trouble.

Yup, this just happened to me. Lost an hour of mixing!
This NEVER happened before…

+1 to nightly backups and regular number increments throughout the day… I do exactly the same, borne out of a time when Cubase and plugins were that much more unreliable. Generally more stable these days but not 100% yet.


It’s a harsh learning curve, that’s for sure

I have had my auto save prefs set to 5 minutes with a max of 50 files forever, and I’ve never had a single problem.
I’ve just tested this again, and it is NOT saving.
So it seems like this is an issue, but why?

OK, I fixed this.
I de-activated the auto save, and hit save, then I re-activated it.
And voila, it now works.

Spoke too soon.
It’s working sporadically…
Check out my screenshot. It doesn’t make sense…

UPDATE: It’s now 715PM, and it hasn’t had another save yet.

Sorry TDI90 if I am hijacking, but I think evermore sound is onto something. I just checked and since yesterday, my system autosave is not working. I turned it off, saved and back on, still not working. It’s late here, but I’ll do some more checking tomorrow after a hard boot and see what happens then.

I don’t have any concrete answers here, but I’ve experienced this a few times on my Mac. All of the times it occurred were after leaving a project open or just Cubase running overnight. Picking up where I left off in the morning (or even restarting Cubase), everything would function “normally” for a while, but eventually I would get a crash an hour or so in. The back up file would always be timed and dated BEFORE I started working. Opening that I would then eventually get a freeze requiring a hard boot of the computer–only that would return everything to normal. I’ve also had strange malfunctions start happening during the freeze that I don’t get any other time, like the timeline not scrolling with the project all while audio is still playing. One time I left and ran some errands to see if it would fix itself, but returning 2 hours later, it was still trucking along in the same confused state.

BTW, I have the machine and hard drives set to NOT go to sleep, so I don’t think that’s it.

I’ve always thought this behavior might be a result/consequence of automatic maintenance scripts the Mac was doing overnight. I run Retrospect and Data Backup BU software which also does it’s thing during off-hours. Perhaps that messes with stuff somehow?

I’ve never had auto-save issues after starting Cubase up fresh in the morning, so that’s always been my routine.

Thank you all for your input, I don’t have time to read them all just yet, but I will do soon.

One thing to pick up on, although I know it is good practice to save regularly, in this case it just happened that I didn’t; sometimes these things happen. Given the time that Cubase was there, there should have been three autosave opportunities for it. And the program worked fine for a short while before crashing so it was not frozen for the near hour.

Anyway, I will read up on your replies when I can.


Regarding the .bak files, when Cubase does crash, it generally has a backup file for me to fall back on.

I opened the most recent backup file, which did not contain the work I had done; the modified date was also not recent. The CPR file also did not have the most recent auto-save information. Cubase didn’t tell me about a backup, which it normally does after crashes.

My thinking is that Cubase had at least three chances to auto-save. Would this update the CPR file or create a backup? It looks like the backup from what was posted here.
I have only noticed backup files being mentioned after Cubase crashes. If it is the former, why would Cubase dump ALL of the autosave info? In essence, it is as if Cubase did not save the file as it would normally when the project closes and you get the save dialogue box.

Is the point of autosave not to solve this exact issue and/or allow for recovery if someone accidentally doesn’t save a project when asked? I have heard of the latter happening to others, but I never asked was their work backed up.

After that messing around yesterday, after hard boot my Autosave is working as it should - and by chance just saved my latest edits after an unexpected plugin crash.

resomedia has mentioned a possible issue - did the computer go to sleep? If so that will be the problem in my experience. I am sure this was not the case, but it is important to have sleep disabled. If the computer goes to sleep you should close the computer down and reboot. Any corrupted software will persist if you try to carry on without rebooting the computer or doing a restart. It does not seem to be a problem if the screen goes off though.

Sleep was disabled, but good point to bring up to clarify.
The computer is set for studio work, so no sleeping HDDs or anything like that.


It’s 2020, and I encountered this problem now. Auto save doesn’t save. Did anyone find a solution?