Auto-Save not saving?

Do I understand Auto-Save correctly—that as I work in Dorico, the file is periodically saved to the Backup Projects folder? In Preferences>General, Auto-Save is set to “every 5 minutes.”
This morning I worked merrily for a couple of hours, then accidentally clicked “Don’t Save” when I closed the project. Oops! When I looked in Dorico’s Backup Projects folder, the latest backup was not from earlier this morning, but from last night’s session. When I reopened the file from File> Open Recent just now, none of today’s changes were there. Are they all lost? Or could the supposedly Auto-Saved file be hiding somewhere?

Look in the Trash.

Auto-save and Backup are two different things. Backup makes a duplicate of the last save you made.

Read here for Auto-save:

Thanks for your swift reply. Alas, the file in the Trash, though with this morning’s date, did not have any of the changes I’d made. With the purple product, I was in the habit of saving (Cmd/Save) frequently; I guess I’ll have to do the same in Dorico.

Sigh of relief! After looking again, the version I last worked on was indeed in the Trash, as you suggested.

I do this as a matter of course instead of using Auto-save, which can interrupt note entry (I think, since it does in other programs).

That’s Auto-save, not Auto-backup. The Backup just makes a copy when you manually save.

Saving regularly and often is of course always good practice, though I find Dorico to be generally very stable.

Thank you for the correction. I will edit my former post. I may have been thinking of another program that named the process differently–or I may have just remembered incorrectly.

I think the word Auto-Save is not well chosen. This always causes confusion. It is not an Auto-Save, but a form of versioning that is very useful in the case of a computer crash.
You simply save with Cntl/Cmd-S.
I hope this will stay that way and there will be no real Auto-Save in Dorico.
It is bad enough that Dorico-For-Ipad does have Auto-Save.

Groet, Marien