Auto scale tracks

I work on tv movies mixing mainly and projects usually contain a considerable number or tracks. I select regions and use the command to view only tracks containing events between locators for example. So I’ve to re scale all time the hight of tracks in arrange window and width of tracks in mixer window. It would be nice to select a kind of auto-scale to width or hight for example in order to optimize the view or each window.

This is available in the hot keys section. Zoom to Full N or something like that. I have a macro that shows me the entire playlist with one key stroke.

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I did’nt know about te feature that incluyes all visible tracks. I’ve a shortcout for N tracks but I’ll try the “Full” feature.

Done. In spanish the command name is very confused and I never used it. It’s useful for arrange window. Now it would be nice to have something similar for mixer window.