Auto Scroll Lock

Can’t find mention of Auto Scroll in the manuals. Is it possible to lock Auto Scroll so that it is always on? Seems that it keeps turning off.

While I’m here… I love this app. So powerful, feature-full, yet speedy and solid programming. On a jar of molasses that is this iPad! Developers (including Apple) should take note.



Thank you very much for your kind feedback!

You can enable/disable AutoScroll via tapping the dedicated button, located above the track list (left to the “M” Mute and “S” Solo buttons).

Hope that helps!


Thank you Lars.

No trouble enabling/disabling, but it won’t stay on. I was recording a bunch of takes. It’d work great while recording, but taking it off record and moving around to different parts of the project seems to turn off Auto Scroll.

Any way to make it stay on? Best if that were the default setting.

Hi John,
There is no way to keep the Follow Cursor enabled, as you have already said- the moment you move anything whilst the project is playing - it auto disables.

Thanks fixitmania53

I’ll look for a feature wish list.


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