Auto Scroll to Track Issue


This one’s a little obscure, but effects me:

I have multiple presets set up in the Project Logical Editor that Select a track based on the track name. I always name my tracks using the same conventions, so I’ve went through the job of creating a PLE preset for every possible track name I use. This way, I can use say, a dedicated MIDI button on an iPAD to select any track in the project ala the Avid Artist Control touchscreen. Anyway, it works for the most part with this exception:

  1. Execute PLE script to select track that is OFF the screen
    Result: Mix Console auto scrolls the track into view. Project Window does not. The selection of the track works flawlessly, but even though I have the auto scroll to selected track preference selected, as well as the link selection between the Project and Mix windows selected, the Project window for some reason does not auto scroll.

The Project Windows DOES auto scroll for other types of track selection, like say, the track up/down buttons on the CMC-CH when you scroll out of view. That works fine. Not sure why the PLE Selection doesn’t force the window to scroll.

My current workaround is to execute the PLE command. Then, if the track is not visible in the Project Window, I can do a quick track left then track right move on the CMC-CH and I’m where I need to be. But it would be nice if it would work without that.


Hi Dan,
I’m having same issue
I can select a specific midi track from my iPad but it does not scroll into view…
did you ever find a fix?


hey guys,

i know its long time ago.
but did u find a solution?
have the same prob
thx in advance