Auto-snapping wav files?

I see dotted lines in the wav files… I guess Cubase analyzes the wav files and sets the start/end point automatically.
I tried removing the hit-points manually, but it still snaps to a designated section when I try to move a wav file to a different track. This is really annoying… any ideas on how to remove the auto-snapping completely?

I’ve shot a video.


Switch the Snap Off. You can use a Key Command J, or an button >|< from the tool bar.

Another option:

cmd and click to drag the file to another track. This will constrain the direction so the clip moves vertically.
Then cmd and click to drag the clip horizontally without snapping.

The white bar is the Snap Point which can be seen by opening the audio event in the Sample Editor (white S in black square).

A quick way of moving the Snap Point back to the beginning of the audio event:
Transport/Locate Selection - to move the cursor to the start of the audio event.
Audio/Snap Point to cursor

Keyboard shortcuts can be set for both commands.

YouTube: Cubase snap point to cursor

I need the snap on so I can have the wav file start at the exact location I cut at, when I move them to the track above.

Thanks for the replies! I’ll try it out :slight_smile: