Auto-Split in WL 8.5.1 not working properly

I just tried to auto-split a file and have the resulting files renamed according to a list in a txt-file. While the files are being separeted correctly, they are only numbered according to the marker numbers. The filenames given in the txt-file are not used. It doesn’t matter wether I just point WL to the file or if I copy and paste the list into the window, the names are not being used either way.
I tried it with the same file and txt-file in latest version of WL 8, where it worked as expected: the files were separated and renamed.

I’m using the 64bit Version of Wavelab 8.5.1 on OSX 10.8.5.

Can anyone reproduce this?

Are you using the option “Learn regions from a text file”? or the option “As the following list” in the naming page?
“Learn regions from a text file” had a bug we corrected for upcoming 8.5.20 (unless you use the XML option).
But the option “As the following list” works here.

I’m using “as following list”.

To be precise, it’s:

“Split according to markers”
“Generic Marker”
“Save as separate files”
“As following list”

The result is the correct number (196) of files, but no renaming is taking place, the files are just named according to the markers in the file. It’s a 24bit 44.1khz Mono WAV file.

It works fine with several files in 8.04, but not in 8.5.1.

I was trying with upcoming 8.5.20 actually, and with this version the problem is fixed (I could reproduce the problem in 8.5.10, hence I could see the difference).
Thanks for your report.

Thank you PG, good to know it’s fixed in 8.5.20!
And thanks for the quick reply, this forum is one of the reasons WL is such great program :slight_smile: