Auto-Split Tool and Meta-data

Auto-split Tool is a great tool but when I split a file into pieces. However I wonder why the meta-data in the source file are not automatically copied -or rather inherited- in the split files? So I am obliged to put the meta-data one by one in each split files, this is a pain ! Is this a bug or something wanted by Steinberg? Is it possible to use the Batch Workpace to carry out this chore? Any help would be welcome (I received no answer from Steinberg on this matter)

Indeed, the auto split tool created “fresh” files and does not carry source meta-data.
Now, yes, the batch workspace can be used to set meta-data, but the procedure depends on your needs. There is a chapter about that in the doc.

Thanks for your swift answer, in fact it is the same behaviour when I create an excerpt from an audio file: the excerpt does not carry the source meta-data and because this excerpt is most often used as mp3 I must fill in the meta-data again in the wave excerpt file! Anyway I had a quick look in the doc, I did not find the topic crystal clear. All the meta-data I am interesting in are the ID3 v2 as eventually I produce mp3 files for iTunes…