Auto Split Tool?

I would like to drag An audio file containing, say 10 different snare hits, spilt them and remove silence and then rename them and Batch export them to a specific folder. This can be done in Sound Forge but I can’t find this Auto Split tool anywhere in Wavelab Elements.I wanna do all this in the editor without having to create an Adio Montage (whatever that is)

Any Ideas how to do this?


I see the tool in the Full version of Wavelab yet I’m not able to visually see the file after the silence has been removed. Only an extremely lengthy Export dialog. The results, after listening back to the saved files, is crap.
Is there a way to simply strip silence and batch save all the split files in an easy way?
Seems quicker to do in Cubase actually

Thank you

You need WaveLab , not WaveLab Elements.

Thank you